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The Tastiest Vegan Freezer Meals Out There

Finding good vegan options in the freezer section at grocery stores can be tough. No one wants to stand in the frigid aisles, slowly scanning each shelf and reading label after label. To help you quickly grab delicious vegan meals to stock your freezer with, I’ve pre-vetted a few classics you are sure to love.

Oatly Dairy-Free Dessert

Ice “cream” counts as a meal, right? You may have heard of the Oatly brand from your local coffee shop, as it is a popular cow milk alternative for baristas. Not only is their plant milk delicious, their frozen desserts are made to perfection. My favorite flavor is chocolate but they also carry strawberry, mint chip, vanilla, coffee, chocolate chip, and oat, with more flavors likely being released soon. Definitely something to fill your freezer with.

Yaya’s Garden

Finally, frozen meals that taste good, have real ingredients (grown in Greece!), and prioritize being vegan and gluten-free. This brand is one of the greats because you can rest assured you are getting great meatless protein, no GMO’s, and no preservatives or additives. They currently have 4 yummy meals, two of which are vegan and the other two vegetarian. They all go by the original Greek titles, but to break it down, you can expect succulent stuffed eggplant, stuffed peppers, an amazing spin on lasagna, and a classic greek casserole. Perfect to bring to work or for those nights when you really don’t feel like cooking dinner. The best part is their ingredient list is short, and completely recognizable.

Daiya Pizza

Just because you are a vegan, doesn’t mean you need to skimp out of the great american pastime of pizza-eating. Daiya has various vegan pizza options, including gluten-free crusts and meatless pepperoni. Their “cheese” melts awesome and it truly does hit that crispy, gooey craving spot.


I always grab a bag of cauliflower gnocchi when I shop at Trader Joes. Any potato gnocchi you can find is usually the perfect vegan option because it is a blank slate. Make a cashew alfredo, an herby pesto, or toss with your favorite marinara. My own personal secret is to fry the gnocchi instead of steam them. They get a slight golden-brown crisp for the perfect texture.

Going vegan is now easier than ever. You can fill your freezer with these nutritious staples, without having to sacrifice on flavor or health. It’s not the weird soy patties of yore. It’s real food, that tastes real good.