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5 Small Things to Make a Big Difference in Your Health & Wellness

Life is all about change, but sometimes moving forward with those changes can be a bit overwhelming. When it comes to our health and wellness it can, at times, be intimidating to make any bigger changes. Feeling frustrated or stressed out thinking about what you need to do to begin or maintain a healthier lifestyle? We’ve all been there! Instead of setting unrealistic goals and worrying about making big changes that you might not be ready for yet, think smaller. Taking those first small steps will be easier to manage and will help you achieve far more realistic goals that you set for yourself. And an added bonus? Trying out something new or getting back to the basics may just spark some joy in your day-to-day routine. So, try these5 small things to make a big difference in your health & wellness and let us know how it goes!


1.     Get an Early Start. Starting your day out early also means heading to bed early. Even if it means just going to bed 10 minutes earlier each night, that gives you an extra get-up-and-go feeling to your day. With that extra time in the morning do some small chores that you don’t want to deal with later in the day when you’re likely to be more tired or just take the extra “me time” to meditate, journal or just to breathe.


2.     Speak Positive Affirmations. Positive words and affirmations are a wonderful way to start things off in a healthy way like telling yourself, “I am enough. My body and mind are full of energy and light!” Even a gentle reminder throughout your day can help push you through some trying moments. For example, dreading that commute to work? Before you head out, remind yourself, “I am calm. I am kind. This drive is a piece of cake!” That teacher’s conference didn’t go as planned? Speak those positive words into the universe, “I am a great parent. I love my children. I find answers when things are not balanced. I will resolve things in a positive manner.” Make these affirmations a part of your everyday life and you’ll find yourself in a healthier, happier state-of-mind.


3.     Go Outside. Head outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and nature. We know it has been along year but now that the weather is warmer and spring has sprung it’s the perfect time to venture outdoors for a walk around your neighborhood, a visit to your local park, go hiking, biking, or just spend some time exploring all that you’ve missed out on during these cold-weather months. It won’t only brighten up your mood but it’s sure to give a nice boost to your immune system.


4.     Tend to Your Garden. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as starting or tending to a garden. Over the fall and winter, you may not have had time and the weather may have not been right but now is the perfect time to revisit gardening. If you’ve been telling yourself that you’d like to start eating healthier or wanted to take on a new hobby this would be a great way. Spring brings the perfect opportunity to enjoy planting strawberries, lettuce or some beautiful daffodils. Enjoy the sun and get to planting!


5.     Listen To Your Heart. We often listen to what our brain tells us but how often are we focused on what our heart is telling us? Listen to what it’s telling you. Maybe it’s directing you to an activity that you haven’t done in awhile like swimming or perhaps you feel it’s time to learn how to eat better so you want to learn about going vegan. Whatever is in your heart take the time to really pay attention.


Much of our health & wellness is connected to the things we love, that make us happy and brighten our day. These5 small things are a great starting point, try tapping into them today. Your physical and mental well-being will get that deserved boost to get you through the rest of your week!