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3 Quick and Easy Meals for the New Mom

Having a new baby in the house is a time of pure, sweet bliss. It is also a time of rest, rebirth, and adjustment for the new mom. Laundry begins to pile up, time seems to disappear, and hunger takes on a new meaning after breastfeeding multiple times throughout the day and night. One of the most important needs of a new mamma is to have readily available nourishing meals and snacks to meet that hunger. Here are 3 easy foods to stock up on in preparation for a baby, or to bring to a family that just welcomed a little one.

1. Granola Bars

Each time after I had my kids, I would sit up in bed in the middle of the night next to my dozing husband, nurse my baby, and munch furiously on granola bars. There are so many awesome things about granola bars: convenience, they store well, and the flavors can be changed up so it doesn't get repetitive. Plus, they are high in fiber and protein. My favorites are Cliff Bars and RX bars. Bonus: they can usually be found at bulk stores like Costco or Sam’s Club. I personally recommend a few flavors that are dairy-free, as most newborns have trouble processing cow’s milk proteins which can be passed through breastmilk.

2. Freezer Meals

Meal prepping before a baby is born, whether you are the ones expecting, the grandparents, or a friend of the family, is one of the best things you can do to prepare new parents for success. Quick, easy, and nutritious are the main priorities. I personally love comfort foods like wild rice soup and beef stew that are filling, freeze well, and can be thrown in the instant pot or slow cooker. I also love meals you can buy at the store so grocery runs are quick or someone else can stock your kitchen for you. Yaya’s Garden is a great example of vegan and vegetarian freezer meals that are also gluten free, so you don’t have to worry about whether the new parents have any dietary restrictions. Plus, they are free of any GMO ingredients, preservatives, or additives. Perfect for a simple but hearty dinner.

3. Herbal Tea

Nothing soothes a day of diaper changes and spit-up like a calming cup of herbal tea! Plus, a new mom may be staying away from caffeine while breastfeeding. Bringing a box of nourishing tea to a new family will surely hit the spot and doubles as a beverage to offer guests who drop by. Some good choices would be Chamomile, Peppermint, Mother’s Milk (a tasty lactation tea), or a decaf chai.

Remember, never come empty handed to a new momma’s den. Always bring a meal that can be cooked in a flash (even at 1am), and if you have time, run the vacuum or wash a few dishes. Those new parents will feel so loved and get to spend even more time enjoying their newest bundle.