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3 Easy Ways to Go Vegan

Plant Based Milks

Switching from cow’s milk to plant based milk is a no-brainer! The popularity of nut and oat milks means there are several types and flavors available, and alternative milk choices are available in most cafes or chains like Starbucks. You could go with an easy-to-drink oat milk, an almond milk which is even sweeter in my opinion, coconut milk which is thinner in consistency, or a combination. When going store bought, I tend to buy a cashew, almond, and pea-protein blend. It has the best overall nutritive qualities in terms of calcium and protein. The recent trend in health conscious movements has shed light on how easy, delicious, and nutritious plant-based milks are, and many people prefer them not only in their cereals and coffee, but with their baking and cooking as well. If you want to go even healthier, invest in a plant-based milk making gadget like the Almond Cow. You control the ingredients (and therefore the price point) and can make fun combinations like coconut-cashew milk. Plus, if you buy your dry ingredients in bulk, you will never have to run to the store for more milk again! I have an Almond Cow and love mine because I don’t have to deal with the gums, preservatives, additives, and artificial flavorings or colorings that may come in store bought plant milks.

Freezer Meals

The hardest part when making a diet change can be those inconvenient times when you need something quick and filling. Often, you will fall on old habits and not take the time to read labels or look around a store or the kitchen. String cheese may have been your go-to protein snack and to ease your hunger without thinking, you grab what you already know. That’s why I highly recommend stalking your freezer with nutritious vegan meals that can be ready in a flash. This way, you don’t feel bad (literally!) for breaking your diet choices. You are prepared for those odd meal moments, like when you get back from a trip away and haven’t gotten to the market yet. Yaya’s Garden makes wholesome Vegan and vegetarian meals that are *bonus* also gluten-free. Made with natural ingredients from Greece and with no additives or preservatives, Yaya’s is a solid choice to stock up on. My personal favorite are the stuffed peppers.

Get Creative in the Kitchen

Did you know it is ridiculously easy to make your own plant-based yogurt? With only 2 ingredients, you can enjoy coconut yogurt without ever having to leave your home. I follow the recipe by Minimalist Baker, which can be found on her blog via a quick google search. She also has recipes for some easy vegan alfredo and cinnamon buns. I swear you won’t even taste a difference! Make sure you get a big bag of nutritional yeast. It adds an amazing cheesy flavor to almost any dish.